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Próximo Conceito has the experience and expertise needed to ensure their business partners more innovation and competitiveness in the footwear and accessories field. It offers a completely vertical service: design and modeling; development of prototypes and collections of ready for use samples; monitoring of the factory production; total secrecy environment and guarantee exclusivity.


Concept and design development, illustrations and visual simulations of the proposed collections. CADCAM assisted modeling, model design and production.

. Full concept and design development of collections
. Illustration and visual simulations
. CADCAM assisted modeling
. Model design and production

Model based prototyping and production testing to perfect the final samples for presentation.

. Prototype development
. Execution of several tests
. Testing the model industrialization process
. Production of final samples

Factory production monitoring of the collections, ensuring all the necessary adjustments to guarentee the quality and maximize the operating results.

. Proper industrialization of models
. Factory production monitoring
. Studies to maximize productivity and results
. Ensure the quality of the final product

Guarantee of a fully controlled and private environment throughout the development process, from the concept to the final samples, thus ensuring total design exclusivity.

. Exclusive and unique collections
. Controlled and private environment


Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as to best accomplish a particular porpose.

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I've read and accept Próximo Conceito's Privacy Policy available here.