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Footwear and Accessories Design and Modeling

Próximo Conceito is a specialized footwear and accessories design and modeling atelier that aims to contribute to the success and innovation in the footwear industry.

Próximo Conceito has the experience and expertise needed to ensure their business partners more innovation and competitiveness in the field. It offers a completely vertical service: design and modeling; development of prototypes and ready to use samples of collections; and factory production monitoring.

The atelier provides human resources and advanced technology to work in perfect harmony with the industrial production process, thus ensuring the optimization of the operating results, with the guarantee of a fully controlled and private environment throughout the development process.

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Avelino Ribeiro

Technical & Shoe Designer ─ Próximo Conceito

Avelino Ribeiro began his professional career in 1982 as a factory operator, having worked in the vast majority of the footwear production sectors (cut, pre-sewing , stitching, assembly and finishing, modeling, CADCAM design and automatic sewing programing assisted by CADCAM ).

In 1995 he was a technical designer in the design department of VAGABOND int. AB., and was appointed chief of the Technical and Quality Production Control division in Europe and Asia.

From 2007 to 2015, he was chief of the design department, modeling, manual and technical Cad2D of VAGABOND, based in Sweden .

In 2016 he founded Próximo Conceito, where he is the coordinator and technical designer.